To make students academically competent by evolving creative teaching methods that will be kindle their curiosity and inspire them to become life-long learners.

To offer a wide variety of need-based learning programmes, which take into account the aptitude interests of students.
Providing relevant information at all levels with the use of audio-visual and other sensorial aids.

Providing a solid foundation and ensuring that concepts are well understood and can be applied intelligently to other situations.

To help students maximize their potential through self-development programmes from the internationally acclaimed Art of Living that includes yoga, breathing techniques and meditation.

Developing the imagination with emphasis on art, craft, music and creative writing.
Provide a student-friendly atmosphere that will empower every child to overcome his/her inhibitions and limitations.

To instill in our students. self-confidence and ability to face problems and challenges in life courageously.

To create in the students, social awareness and a sense of belongingness by encouraging them to assume leadership and contribute towards the upliftment of local and world communities.

To inculcate in the students a deep-rooted respect for the environment and their responsibility to preserve it.

Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir
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