About SSRVM, Mangalore

Only an education that nourishes inherent virtues can impart true intelligence.
Today, it is the concern of all parents that their children should grow up to be happy, well-educated human beings
with core values. Somewhere along the line, however, the link to true happiness appears to be getting severed;
we are losing the goal of happiness. How that goal can be regained is revealed in His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankar’s words:
“Basic human values need to be encouraged in the classroom. A child is born with these values and a teacher needs to uncover
them. What are these human values? Compassion, co-operation, friendliness, smiles, laughter, lightness, wanting to help,
a sense of belonging and caring for each other. The need of the day is a broad-minded education accompanied by a warm heart.”
A well-educated person is thus one who is friendly, compassionate, and able to be a ‘nobody’ with everybody.
The creative methods of teaching as envisioned by our Founder will help children to more fully develop their personalities.
Everybody who has a stake in education must ponder the need for a holistic, healthy educational system that will enhance
the values and virtues with which each of us is naturally endowed. Put simply, education must address all aspects of human life.
Since a healthy body best supports a sound mind and spirit, creative sports and such ancient practices as meditation,
yoga, and pranayama should be part of a child’s learning process. The key is to harness the ancient values and be innovative
with the modern. This is what we at Sri Sri Academy commit towards achieving for our students.


  • Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir, as the name itself suggests, is a temple of learning where knowledge is revered.
  • To provide world-class holistic education that is aimed at all-round development of the student’s personalities by facilitating-Cognitive, Physical, Emotional, Social and Spiritual growth.
  • To enable the students to broaden their vision and deepen their roots by encouraging them to appreciate the cultural heritage of their own country and honors those of other Nations.
  • To provide the child with modern tools as well as the moral and spiritual strength needed to face the challenges of the modern world and thus evolve into model citizens.

Here, learning is an individual process for each student and information is Imparted at the realm of experience. While enhancing human values of love, Friendliness, compassion, caring and sharing. Regular curriculum is offered in Such a joyful and stress-free manner that the child actually looks forward to going to school.

Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir
1-14/1, Airport Road, Near katteangadi
Yeyyadi konchady, post : konchady, Mangalore
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